Kevin Cuccaro, DO

Kevin Cuccaro, DO
Job Title: 
Private Practice
Philomath, OR

Kevin Cuccaro is a pain specialist on a mission to transform society’s understanding of pain to provide hope and improve patient outcomes. He frequently speaks on pain and related topics to both physicians and the public; consults health systems on chronic pain and opioids, and has created and delivered pain education programs to diverse audiences.  

In 2016, the Oregon Health Authority’s Transformation Center selected KevinCuccaro as a Clinical Innovations Fellow for his work involving pain education for healthcare providers in Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes.   More recently, Dr. Cuccaro was appointed to the Oregon Pain Management Commission and serves on the Health Evidence Review Committee’s Chronic Pain Task Force.
In addition to systems transformation work Kevin maintains a small private practice in Philomath, Oregon.  His other interests include the effects of stress and trauma, effective health education program design, online delivery systems and how to not overwhelm his family with his passion for pain.