Russell Turner, PhD

Professor and Director of Skeletal Biology, School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Session(s): Wednesday

Professor Russell Turner is the Director of Skeletal Biology in the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences at OSU. His research focuses on gravitational physiology, etiology and treatment of osteoporosis, osteoimmunology, and renal osteodystrophy.

Dr. Turner received his BS in Biochemistry and MS and Ph.D. in Biophysics from Pennsylvania State University.  He was on the faculty of University of Washington (Medicine), Medical University of South Carolina (Pharmacology), Loma Linda University (Physiology and Pharmacology) and Mayo Graduate School of Medicine (Orthopedics).  He has long been interested in the cause, prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis.  His work has focused on the respective roles of physical activity, nutrition and pharmacological approaches in maintaining bone health.