Paul Iarrobino - Wednesday, April 5th Keynote

Paul Iarrobino | Wednesday Keynote
Paul Iarrobino | Wednesday Keynote

Navigating the Complexities for LGBT Elders: Creating Visibility and InclusionWednesday, April 5th, 2017, 8:45-9:45am.

The Art of Living for LGBT Elders is nuanced and very complex. Paul Iarrobino will help us better understand the social barriers and their consequences that the aging LGBT community often faces in accessing our services. With over two decades of leadership with LGBT aging, he will provide an interactive dialogue with a combination of real life examples, research findings and emerging best practices. He will help us understand what we can do to be more culturally responsive. You will gain practical strategies to help LGBT older adults feel welcomed, respected and included.

Paul Iarrobino, True Path Consulting NW, Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Paul Iarrobino is a coach, trainer and facilitator in private practice. He has over thirty years of experience in human services, developing and managing community partnerships. He has an extensive background in designing, delivering and evaluating outreach and marketing strategies, coaching individuals and teams through change while increasing resilience, cohesion and performance.