Danielle Arigoni, MS. - Wednesday, April 4th Keynote

Danielle Arigoni | Wednesday Keynote
Danielle Arigoni | Wednesday Keynote

Building Resilience: An Age-Friendly Approach to Help People and Communities ThriveWednesday, April 4th, 2018, 8:15-9:45am.

Danielle Arigoni will talk about how policy makers, planners and citizen activists are making making neighborhoods, towns, counties and cities more livable for people of all ages.

Danielle Arigoni, MS., Director of Livable Communities, AARP, Director, Office of Economic Development.

Danielle Arigoni joined AARP in September 2017 as the Director of Livable Communities, after serving as a leader in national-level efforts to expand investment in sustainability and livability for nearly two decades. Prior to joining AARP, Danielle served as the Director for HUD’s Office of Economic Development, which supports communities and regions to make more sustainable communities through more effective and strategic investments in community-based planning, high-performance buildings, and resilient infrastructure.

Under the previous Administration, Danielle served as staff lead for Secretary Castro’s Climate Council, which achieved important new milestones across the agency to advance HUD’s climate mitigation and adaptation goals, and as HUD’s staff representative on the White House Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. She helped to co-lead HUD’s award of $1 billion to states and localities through the 2016 National Disaster Resilience Competition to pilot resilient disaster recovery approaches.

She helped lead several interagency efforts, including serving as co-chair for the interagency Community Solutions Council Community of Practice, a co-lead for the Sammies Award-winning Urban Waters Federal Partnership, and as a central figure in the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities -- all of which seek to coordinate federal investments and policies to support more integrated, community-driven local land use and decision-making.

Prior to HUD, Danielle served in a number positions in EPA’s Smart Growth program, where she led efforts to better integrate affordable housing into the smart growth movement, and helped to lead the publication of two early seminal publications on smart growth, “Affordable Housing and Smart Growth: Making the Connection” and “Getting to Smart Growth: 100 Policies for Implementation”. Danielle has also worked as a planner internationally, first as a Town Planner in Murang’a, Kenya, as a US Peace Corps Volunteer, and later as Strategy Team Director for USAID’s Urban Programs office.

Danielle received the University of Oregon’s Distinguished Alumna award in 2016, and EPA’s Gold Medal for Exceptional Service in 2013 in recognition of her efforts to advance the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities. Danielle received a B.S. in Planning, Public Policy and Management from University of Oregon in 1991, and a Master’s of Regional Planning from Cornell University in 1997.