Benjamin Surmi, MSc. - Wednesday, April 5th Keynote

Benjamin Surmi | Wednesday Keynote
Benjamin Surmi | Wednesday Keynote

Global Innovation: Thriving with DementiaWednesday, April 4th, 2018, 12:00-1:00pm.

People around the globe are experimenting with fresh ways to help people living with dementia thrive. What can we who work in the Pacific Northwest learn from people around the world? From social programs to technology to city planning to engage the arts in new ways, the innovation right now is highly hopeful. Spark your own creativity. Broaden your knowledge of what is possible. Look beyond our borders for inspiration.

Benjamin Surmi, MSc. Director of Programs and Training, Koelsch Communities, Olympia, WA.

As a master’s trained social gerontologist, Benjamin has focused his career on applied gerontology – applying innovation and research to everyday practice in settings often far removed from the academic setting. His particular interest is innovation in organized memory care settings. While much has been discovered and created, everyday life for people living with dementia does not usually reflect the gains made in knowledge. Nurturing and designing life giving spaces for elders to flourish – regardless of which disease they happen to have – is a lifelong passion. From designing educational programs for seniors at a YMCA in Nashville to working alongside seniors with low-incomes with AmeriCorps to his current role of directing wellness programs for a 7-state senior living organization, Benjamin is eager to build a network of likeminded professionals who will collaborate toward excellence in wellness programming.