Erin Parrish Chourey

Owner, SkyHeart Aging, Portland, OR.

Session(s): Wednesday

Erin Parrish Chourey considers herself an empathetic professional who strives to reframe our societal tragedy narrative about aging, dementia and death to viewing these aspects of life as natural and beautiful processes. To do this, Erin uses positive visualization techniques to envision the possibilities of our own aging with empathy so that we can break down anxiety and fear about what may happen, allow ourselves to find strength through vulnerability, while accepting and celebrating these milestones we all face together. After many years of working as a Private Care Manager for older adults, then getting certified as a Life Coach and trained as an End of Life Doula, Erin recently launched her own business, ‘SkyHeart Aging,’ providing Aging Well Coaching, Consulting, Care Management and End of Life Doula Care to empower individuals, families and professionals facing the nature of aging, dementia and death.