SAVE THE DATE! 43rd Annual OSU Gerontology Conference: April 3-4, 2019

Danielle Arigoni | Wednesday Keynote
Danielle Arigoni | Wednesday Keynote
Benjamin Surmi | Wednesday Keynote
Benjamin Surmi | Wednesday Keynote
David Grube | Thursday Keynote
David Grube | Thursday Keynote

This two-day conference, held at Oregon State University, will feature workshops by leading geriatric professionals presenting current information for health and human services occupations in a wide variety of disciplines.

More information about our 2019 Conference will be posted later in the year. Below is information from our 2018 Conference.

Our 2018 Conference:
Session Materials available through April 30, 2018.

Wednesday, April 4th Keynote Speakers

  • Building Resilience: An Age-Friendly Approach to Help People and Communities Thrive (AARP Sponsored)
    Danielle Arigoni
  • Global Innovation: Thriving with Dementia
    Benjamin Surmi

Thursday, April 5th Keynote Speaker

  • Compassionate Care: Managing Life’s Closure with Grace, Curiosity, and Joy
    David Grube

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